Wilson Foosball Table

Wilson foosball table

Wilson is the world known name in sporting goods industry, just like the Wilson foosball table. The Wilson manufactures the product for every sport from the tennis to the football. I am sure you have all seen the movie with Tom Hanks and his friend Wilson the volleyball – that was their great advertising move. These days you can enter in any sports store around the globe and you will find at least one Wilson’s product. You can easily say it is the powerhouse manufacturer of the quality game as well as sporting good products.

wilson logoBut when it comes to making the foosball tables, the Wilson foosball table isn’t really a success story like that movie I talked about. The main problem is that foosball parts on the are expensive which makes building quality table expensive as well. The majority of the professional grade tables are made to the higher standard than the average home model. It typically means the higher quality of materials as well as craftsmanship – but that isn’t always a case. When it comes to table games, and they do not make the extensive product line as well as it is not the core focus. But, they do make the foosball table model because they want to have at least 1 or 2 products in every arcade – hence – the Wilson foosball table. This will get played on by the people of different ages. Thus, shopping for the new foosball table adds to the home game room will be very exciting.

Are you having enough space for the full-size model? Would you like the single goalie or a 3 man goalie setup? Do you know you may also choose the traditional game table and go with the cheaper table setup? Knowing the preferred table type and the table buying budget, it can help you make the best decision for the gaming needs. The Wilson foosball table is a good addition to any game room, but there are better foosball tables.

Wilson foosball table

While it comes about standard size for the full size of the table, search for the model that has the length of over 56 inches and width of over 30 inches. What a few people do not realize is that the dimension doesn’t take in account when rods are completely extended. It is important while it comes to space in the home and businesses where you have to intend to put the table. Suppose you forget in checking out measurements with rods extended, you may end up with this not fitting very well with Wilson foosball table. Suppose you are totally new to the foosball, you may get surprised to learn some of these tables have the 1 man configuration, as well as some, have 3 men goalie configurations. It was something I did not realize back while I was totally new to being the fooser.

Here is why this is very important information: and pros play with man goalie as it takes a little more skill it’s simple to score on 3 man goalie setup that makes the setup good choice for the kids. The full size of foosball tables is good for the people that have room in the homes for the large gaming table. With such kind of the Wilson foosball table, you get traditional gameplay from the full size of the table.


  • Plastic foosball handles
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Side ball return
  • Black and white foosball men
  • 4 cup holders


  • Quality
  • Price