What Is Table Soccer Called?

What Is Table Soccer Called

Table soccer or also known as the foosball has a different name in every country. As the popularity of the game grew, people gave it their own name so it won’t be strange if you ask someone about table soccer and they have no idea what you are talking about.

To keep the misunderstanding at the lowest level possible, I have decided to talk about the names people call the table soccer.

What Is Table Soccer CalledFor example, in the United Kingdom, the table soccer is called „table football“. In France, it is called „baby foot“ or „baby football“. In Germany, it is called „fußball“. Don’t get confused it is pronounced foosball – which is the most common name for this awesome game. In Spain, the foosball is called „futbolin“.

If you go to the Eastern European countries you will hear „table football“, or  „kicker“. The Kicker is actually one of the first manufacturers of foosball tables, so you can see why they used that name. In Hungary the game is called „csocso“ and in Turkey, it is called „langirt“.

In America, it is called football, just like the German word pronunciation.

If you want to share what is table soccer called in your country, please send me an email and I will be happy to add your expression to this article!