What Does a Foosball Table Look Like?

There are many types of foosball tables which vary in size and shape, but there are features which make one table a foosball table. So, how would you determine which table can be (or is) a foosball table? How to describe what does a foosball table look like to someone who hasn’t seen one?

It Is a Table… For Football!

DMI FT 250DS Foosball TableThe main thing you will start is that it looks like a table, it has a wooden frame (mostly, but it can be plastic) and four legs. A foosball table has a playing surface inside the wooden frame which is colored like a real football (or soccer) field. There is a goal on each end of the field and the opposite team must score the goal to win the match. That is basics of foosball, but let’s gets into details now.

What Does a Foosball Table Look Like On The Field?

Brunswick foosball tableThe players on the field are divided into two teams; each team has 11 or 13 players. Players are scattered across the field in rows and each player is connected to the rod, 8 rods in total (4 on each side). The rod is used to control the players by turning the handle. You can’t move the players you can only spin them, but not 360° because that is illegal move (we will talk about it in another article).

The number of players depends on the player configuration which can be a 1-man goalie and a 3-man goalie. A 1-man goalie has only one goalkeeper in front of the goal and a 3-man goalie configuration has a goalkeeper and two more players in the same row.

When one team scores the goal, the ball enters the goal and ends up on one side of the table. All you have to do is to pick up the ball and start playing another match.

What About The Size Of The Foosball Table?

Now that I have described the principle of the foosball table, let’s talk numbers. You have to keep in mind that a standard foosball table isn’t a small table. The basic dimension of a table is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. There are smaller models, but this is a standard size used in tournaments.foosball table dimensions front

I know that my description of what does a foosball table look like sounds complicated so I will now stop writing and leave a bunch of photos here so you can see what I am talking about.

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