Tornado Whirlwind Review

Tornado Whirlwind

Many people claim Tornado is in the first place in the foosball world and they aren’t wrong. They are the leaders in the American market for some time now. They’ve quite impressive products and are can blow out any of other tables in the market. The Tornado Whirlwind features some incredible durability, playability, engineering, as well as superior quality.

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Tornado brand features the rugged construction with clean crisp lines, which makes their tables perfect for any home and office. The Tornado Whirlwind may be very pricey but in a long run, it may be the best value as well. Buying the Whirlwind table allows any person that is playing to play the best and have a lot of fun at the same time. The biggest differences that you can notice between the different foosball tables is the number of men at goalie rod.

One man goalie is most famous in Europe and other areas of the world. The good number of the tables is converted back & forth between 1 man – 3 man goalie system – the option that adds lots of versatility to this table. The foosball is the game of precisio and if you have a foosball table which is a bit uneven, can completely alter gameplay as well as give somebody an advantage.

Tornado WhirlwindThe Tornado Whirlwind model was replaced at 2010 by Tornado Sports table. This Whirlwind is the good solid one for that is in a lower end of Tornado brand tables. Suppose you are searching for a table on which you can learn this game without any price of some high-end tables that are available in the market, then Whirlwind can be the good fit for you. You just need to be aware that the table lacks on some of these amazing features like the counterbalanced men, the thicker cabinet construction, and adjustable leg levelers that will easily level this table, the side ball return, as well as wooden handles. This product is not very expensive and that makes it a good choice for one and all.

For this reason, it is very important to ensure that Tornado Whirlwind table is level at every direction. Most of the quality tables have the built in leveling system, which you may use to keep this table perfectly flat. The legs with the threaded screw section, which are raised and lowered by twisting are common table leveling in the market. But, there are some options, like telescoping legs and stacking shims or blocks of the wood under legs. The threaded system appears to be easiest to use as well as sturdy option accessible.

Tornado Whirlwind

The commercial quality of brushed and .156″ of steel rods can withstand most abusive play and split bearings also help the rods to slide very smoothly as well as allow for the simple cleaning. The quality of solid maple handles gives you the superior grip and it comes with the 4 integral and removable rubber holders. It has the durable laminate surface with the full-color logo of Tornado and adjustable legs to have simple leveling on the uneven surfaces. It has very sturdy 1½ inch of stainless steel cabinet with the scratch resistant of the laminate.

You can bring home lots of fun for less money with economical Tornado Whirlwind table. This Whirlwind truly delivers the first class of excitement at the no-frills price. However, even though the price is much lower, quality isn’t. They’re perfectly balanced, thus they stay at the place while you release them, and allowing you “clear field” for big and long power shots.

The Suomi birch light wood grain finish comes with the optional fun decals and has one inch of thick cabinet walls with 34 inch of height that is perfect for the families with some kids. It has double bolted 4″x4″ of solid legs and bootleg leveler with shims and end apron ball. It comes with solid steel rods and octagonal wood handles and revolutionary snap bearings with patented precision ground balls and patented Tornado bumpers and foot design at the player figure with Tornado Whirlwind. The discrete expansion pin of the table attaches the player and the handle to the rod very comfortably.


  • Durable melamine play area
  • Oak scratch resistant 1inch thick walls
  • Rugged over .125 inch of steel rods
  • Double bolted 4″x by 4″ legs for stability
  • Tornado men with the ridged toe
  • Patented precision urethane balls
  • Friction grip of black rubber handles
  • End ball returns on both ends of a table
  • 3 man goalie system


  • Price
  • Quality