Tornado cyclone II

Tornado Cycone II

Tornado Cycone II tableFoosball tables are the AWESOME addition for any home and office. But, you must know differences between them prior to you go out spending the hard earned money on it. Tornado Cyclone II is one of those amazing foosball tables that we are talking about. They are actually built very nicely as well as look amazing even after many years of the use. Thus anytime you will get the hands at any of the Tornado cyclones II foosball tables used, and get it, as you will save on quite a plenty of money. Here you will also see top Tornado Cyclone II Foosball tables of the world that you can review and get more information on that. This is the product which will really make you happy and give you quality returns. We will start the comparison as well as review with most costly being Valley T 2000 (that is as well called as Tornado coin-op) at down to least in the pricing.

Suppose you are buying the Tornado Cyclone II foosball tables in the store there is one thing you can do to test it. The good test that will ensure that bearings are very good and will “spin” a handle at an end of rod and suppose it spins very freely –then it is very good. Also, you can move handles in and out to ensure that rods aren’t bent. Not many people are sure, about selecting the right options, may go in for a product which is not up to the market, if you are one of them, then think again and go in for this. Really for large as the table as these is, they are affordable and simple to put together. And you will require decent size room that you can put it in however because rods are very long. Older tables had the corners that sloped it back to playing surface however that got old as you do not know where the ball will come back.

First listed table is an exact one that you see in arcades that will accept coins, and except they will take away coin -mechanism from Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table as well as presto you have same table game as bars.  This is the best Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table, which has the high end and quality parts. The Tornado tables are the highest recommended tables to all the players who would like to take this game very seriously as well as learn how they can play at the highest level. It is one commercial table from the Tornado as well as was named by the Consumer Digest as the best buy for this year. Cyclone II table from Tornado is the tournament quality like one used by the professionals and will handle the extreme competition. The table has a few higher qualities of parts over Storm II, as well as provides the different laminate cabinet color over Storm with Tornado Cyclone II. You cannot get wrong with either Cyclone II or Storm II tables.

Tornado has the highly common tournament tables all over the world. You will find this mainly in Germany, England, and the USA, but in Malaysia, Canada and Japan also. Sporadically in Holland and Belgium and high precision and stability characterize this Tornado Cyclone II table. It does not have any lifted corners, however, has got 2 extra figures on keeper bar instead, thus the balls will not rest in corners. Tornado makes very fast passing between these figures of the same bar possible. Also, you may play amazing push and pull shots; however most of these players are playing the jet on Tornado Cyclone II table.  It has 8 edged of wooden handlebars and comes with the balance figures and metal core on the head, foot, and cross hatching and very resilient as well as elastic rubber bumpers. IT has chromed and high specific bars with 32,9 mm of playing field thickness 38,1 mm wall thickness and height adjustable legs with one piece of the corpus. There are many of the Tornado Cyclone II Foosball tables that are used in the market. The top of the line, the commercial grade table will be packed with the high quality of features that you will come to expect right from the Tornado. Cyclone II was also named by the Consumer Digest being the best buy.

The leg levelers in Tornado Cyclone II are a way to go and keep this table nice and in good condition. Most are heavy enough to stay in one place as well as not move when you get this like you want. Material that is used in construction is made to last for years as well as withstand abuse. The highly famous as well as entertaining game is fun & competitive and is played with two or more people. There is the wide range of the foosball tables in the market, thus it will be overwhelming to choose the right one to your needs. The guide to buying the foosball table can make it very simple to determine what kind of the foosball table will be right for you.


  • Friction grip with wooden foosball handlesTornado cyclone II
  • 1-1/2inch of Teak laminate cabinet and rounded corners
  • Traditional Tornado 3 man goalie
  • .156inch of thick chrome plated, and hollow steel rods are heavy duty and light weight
  • Single side of ball return is good in returning ball to you when you are practicing the offense
  • Patented man and cushion system
  • Solid legs won’t warp and split
  • Adjustable leg levelers>
  • Patented ground urethane balls
  • Split tornado cyclone ii foosball bearings
  • Counterbalanced foosball men
  • Laminated Cyclone play field


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  • Assembly