The Foosball Movie

There aren’t many movies or documentaries talking about foosball, but those few which exist are the must see for every foosball enthusiast. The number 1 on that list shout be this documentary:

FOOS – Be The Greatest

The History of American Foosball (Table Soccer )

foosball movesThis documentary made by Robert Ismert captures the true essence of foosball and foosball players. How it is and how it was in foosball world are the two main topics in this unique documentary and it captures the real foosball world, without any secrets or bending the truth. Find out everything you need to know about foosball history on American soil, from the golden age in 1970’s to the sudden crash over a decade later. What was the reason for that, did the foosball survive the fall and what the best players in the world have to say about that, you can all see in this documentary. Everything you have to know about foosball you will find out in this impressive documentary, filled with interviews and rare archival footage of foosball events all over the USA. More about this great movie you can find on Foos Movie official website.