Stella baby-foot foosball tables

Stella is another French foosball brand which is on the market since 1928. The first foosball table they made was Stella Champion who was changed through the years. The people in Stella baby-foot are proud of their foosball tables and they like to describe them with two words: flexibility and reactivity.

stella baby footThrough the ages, they developed and improved the Stella foosball tables and today they have few interesting models on the market. They are rather unknown brand but that doesn’t stop them from producing good quality foosball tables.


Champion Retro

retroStella retro is the original foosball table made in 1948. Today it is only a limited number which makes it an attractive collector’s item. The cabinet and legs are made of wood which makes the construction stable and sturdy. The players are hand painted and made in traditional style, which is not so common these days. The playing surface is made from vinyl for better performance. The rods on the table are telescopic and the handles are rather small – like on the Rene Pierre foosball tables. Goals aren’t part of the cabinet, they are slightly higher and the ball return is on the side. Some foosball tables have cup holders, but this foosball table has 4 ashtrays on each corner of the cabinet. All in all, this is a very interesting foosball table.

Champion Collector

collectorThe Collector comes in 5 different colors, but I must admit, I love the black color best. Other colors are yellow, beech, white and taupe. The cabinet of the table is made from the laminated wood,  but the legs are completely made from wood. The table doesn’t have leg levelers and I am not sure whether would they fit on the leg’s design. The details are pretty similar to the Champion Retro table; the goals are slightly higher than the cabinet, the players are traditional, the handles are the same. The good thing is that the table has two panels between the legs for extra stability. The people in Stella baby-foot respect tradition which you can see from the ashtrays they installed on the table. Another interesting thing, you can customize the table to your wishes.

You & me

you & meThis is one extremely unusual foosball table made by Stella baby-foot because it is very small. It is made for kids and it looks like a pocket version of a real foosball table. A literally pocket version because the same materials used in the Collector are used on the You & me model. The table comes in 4 colors:  black, yellow, beech and white. It has 4 rods in total, which means 2 on each side and it is made for 2 players. Like I have already mentioned, the materials used on the table are the same as the table above. The playing field is made from vinyl, the case is laminated wood and the table has telescopic rods. Foosball players are made from aluminum and they are screwed on the rods.