Small Foosball Table

Kid’s small foosball table

Foosball tables come in different sizes, depending on their public and their specifications. Since having a small foosball table means you don’t have to have the entire room just for the table it is a better option for most apartments and kid’s rooms. There are two types of foosball tables we can define as small and those are tabletops and kid’s foosball tables. So, what is the difference between tabletops and kid’s foosball tables? The difference is the size and the overall design. But, both of them can be for the kids and I would say that only a great quality table top can be small football table for adults. Let’s analyze both types of foosball tables and see which one is made for what situation.

Kid’s Small Foosball Table

Kid’s small foosball tableKid’s foosball table is a small foosball table made for kids. The reason why there is a kid’s friendly foosball table is the fact that the standard sized foosball table is just too big for kids in every way. It is too high – the kids have to stand on a chair or something else to see the field, too wide – kids can’t reach the first and the last rod on their side and too heavy – kids have trouble controlling the players. If you want to avoid any injury (standing on the chair) get your kid a small table football. Kid’s football table can be a tabletop and a football table with legs and the only difference is the size. It is smaller, lighter and lower than the other foosball table. It is also more childish and usually made from low quality. That is actually not a bad idea because kids grow up fast and after a year, the table can be too small and then you have to buy another one. That is why most small foosball tables which are made for kids are at the low price range. Here you can read reviews about good kid’s foosball tables.


TabletopsTabletop is actually a small foosball table without legs. It is a foosball table designed so you can put it on the table, on the bed or on the floor, depending how much room you have. A tabletop is a great solution for small apartments because you can put it away when you aren’t using it. People usually put it under the bed or in the closet, wherever they have room. When it comes to tabletops, it can be come in adult and kid version. Kid’s versions are smaller than the adults and lighter. There are few adults’ tabletops which are pretty impressive when it comes to quality and you can read their reviews in the foosball table top article. They can come in standard size which makes them basically foosball tables without legs, or they can come in smaller dimensions which makes them kid’s foosball tables without legs.

Keep in mind that you can’t have the same experience like on the real, adult foosball tables so if you think that the small football table will suit you (not your kids) you will be wrong. If you are buying a foosball table for you, buy the adult version or really good tabletop. I don’t recommend kid’s foosball tables.