Official Full-Size Foosball Table

A foosball table can come in different sizes, but which one is the original foosball table dimension? An official full-size foosball table is determined by the regulations and it is also known as the standard size of a foosball table.

Even though there is a regulation of the size, it is not an exact dimension. You can’t say my table is 56 inches and yours is 57 so my table is standard sized and yours isn’t. The main thing is that the tables are around those dimensions and that they don’t vary too much.

What Is a Full-Size Foodball Table?

The regulation determined dimensions are 28 inches width, 56 inches length and 35 inches high. Those dimensions can be slightly different but should stay around it. As you can see a foosball table in its full size is not a small piece of furniture and you should have room for it. The main problem with picking the table is where to put it. The best way to place a foosball table is with one short end on the wall (as long as it doesn’t have a ball return on that side). That way you can save room and adjust the table to your room and not the other way around.

foosball table dimensions front

Are There Other Sizes Besides The Full-Size Foosball Table?

Yes, the full-size football table is only one type of the table you can get for your home. Besides this one there are still smaller foosball tables and tabletops. Smaller foosball tables are about 1/3 the size of the standard table and they are kid-friendly. I wouldn’t recommend buying a kid’s size foosball table for a person who doesn’t have kids because you can feel the difference in quality and it just won’t provide you best experience.

Tabletop, on the other side, is a great full-size foosball table replacement if you don’t have room.  A tabletop is a game you put on the table. It is actually a foosball table without legs. What I like about tabletop is the fact that you can easily store it in your closet or under your bed. You don’t have to have extra room for it when you aren’t using it.

But, a full-size foosball table is the best size because it can be durable, stable, 4 people can play and it is an original foosball table size. Everything else is an update so if you want to play the real foosball, get full-size football table.

foosball table dimensions