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Newcastle Foosball Table

Newcastle Foosball Table handlesFoosball is the popular indoor game, which caters to children as well as adults both. Today, I will review quality and the functional table from EastPoint, the Newcastle foosball table which is good for your home or office.

First, let’s talk about foosball table configuration. You can choose between the one man and three man goalie. Also, one can’t get ruled out better than other. That depends on how you would like to play a game, and you decide on what the preference is. There are some tables that cater both the options but providing you know how you can play this game, you must score very fairly in Newcastle foosball table. Suppose the foosball men get back to the vertical position and when you release this, it is possible you might block your shots. This is where the counterweighted or the counterbalanced foosball men generally come in very handy. Some believe that this is needed only for most experienced players, however, it does allow for the better gaming experience, irrespective of the skill level. Check for the table levelers. The table levelers are very important components of Newcastle foosball table game as it ensures the surface is very straight. The purpose might not be given any importance; however, it enforces both the sides to play it fairly. Hollow and solid playing rods. There’re 2 types of the playing rods that you can select from – hollow and solid. The hollow rods are much lighter and this allows you to move much faster in a game. The solid rods come at cheaper Newcastle foosball table as well as can be very good for the beginners. So, feel free in sharing the helpful foosball table guide with anybody looking for the perfect gift idea!

EastPoint 54 in the Newcastle Table is must have to any game room.  It is made for most competitive of the players, the Official Competition Table will be sure to keep all your friends well entertained for many hours to an end.  EastPoint bushing system also allows the rods to spin as well as the slide with complete ease, and creating the perfect opportunity that will strike a ball in the back of the opponents’ goal!  With the cold weather around a corner, take a party inside with Newcastle foosball table.  You can spin strike as well as score in your way for victory with Newcastle! Dive in some very thrilling table soccer with EastPoint Sports 54Inch of Newcastle foosball table! The must have the game can add to the excitement of rec room and family area for many hours of the long lasting fun. In official competition size, two to four players will compete with the robo-style players for the fast paced matches as well as keep the track of action with built in style scoring sliders. The steel player rods and high-performance bushings also allow players to spin as well as slide with complete ease, creating the competitive and the thrilling experience. You can enjoy the endless fun because of durable and sturdy construction of cabinet with the Luster Long finish, which resists wear and tear, and play with the precision with oversized leg levelers, which keep playing surface rightly flat.

The home can be the envy of the neighborhood with EastPoint Sports 54Inch Newcastle foosball table! It includes one Newcastle foosball table and two foosballs. It measures over 54″Lx29.5″ Wx34.5″H while assembled and weighs over 84.44 pounds. Suppose you are looking for the deal on the foosball table then here is the nice one. It can make a very nice addition to your game room! The 54inch of Newcastle foosball table has the large levelers and appealing wood finish. This is very big for the adult players but might not at all be sturdy for the hard-hitting competitors. Thus, selling at the low price, the table comes with 90 days warranty that is sad to know for many buyers. This weighs over 83 lbs and has the cheap material construction, which might absorb moisture as well as might succumb to premature wear and tear issues. Even though this has a few flaws, this uses the Luster Long finish that is designed to give complete resistance.

As it is very light, this is also prone to become very shaky during the gameplay that is very bad while you are in the competition. The table is some inches short to be full sized that could fall very short on achieving the realistic game. Nonetheless, this is equipped with the high-performance rod bushings, which offer the smooth turns against cheaper models made with the rough and inconsistent rods. It is appropriate for the adults and the teenagers alike, that is the Newcastle foosball table. This is a quality product and once you buy it you can be happy that it will last long and that is the best part about it. So what are you waiting for?


  • Solid wood apron wear and tearNewcastle Foosball Table
  • Official and full-size soccer table
  • Robot style of players
  • Solid steel rods
  • Oversized leg levelers can get easily adjusted and dial in height of a table on 4corners
  • Complete with two Newcastle foosball table and 90day warranty
  • Bead style of scoring units over each goal


  • Quality
  • Features


With the helpful data that is included on the list, you are assured of taking the decision to buy the Newcastle foosball table in the matter of some time. To make sure you get right one, you need to bring along the friend with you; one you’re planning to play this game with when the table is out of the box. Newcastle is the great table, which is a middle of the road in terms of tables on market. Even though EastPoint offers retail level quality, and there are some features on the table that we like. Handle grips and adjustable leg levelers also are nice touches at the Newcastle foosball table.