Cayman foosball table

MD Sports Foosball Table

MD sports logoMedal Sports, known as the MD Sports, is the family oriented, sporting good making company. The company drives in providing some innovative as well as the best quality of products for the home entertainment. The MD Sports is the leader in the indoor sports recreation. The full product line has darts, arcade, air hockey, foosball, billiards, ping pong, multi-game tables, as well as other outdoor games. Currently, they manufacture 3 different foosball tables. MD Sports Electronic and Medal Sports 48Inch are much smaller than the standard 56inch model as well as are intended to get family focused tables that are made for the kids. Cayman Model is the full 56inch model, which is made for the adults. –  The MD Sports is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of the indoor and the outdoor games. They strive hard to deliver the best product and offering the customers tremendous value to MD Sports, which is unsurpassed in the market.

MD Sports 48″ Foosball Table

The company was actually founded on 2 basic core principles of MD sports; Thus, this table has the solid quality for the price as the low-end table, although there are some negatives about overall durability of the design. Suppose you are just looking for something that you can entertain the kids without excessive use as well as intense gameplay, then this is the best and the cheap alternative to serious and expensive professional tables are the MD sports foosball. Kids may love playing at the kid friendly and adjustable classic table made by MD sports, which looks very good for the price value, and this will be a lot of fun addition to the home. But, suppose you are looking for the sturdy table for the adults then I would suggest you browse more costly tables made by MD sports. Medal Sports Table is 48” of standard size with 48”L x 25.75’W x 32’H dimensions with MD sports. The table presents the authentic looking display, and including the chrome finished rods that will provide for the durable game experience with MD Sports foosball players. The strong table legs, which include the leg levelers are also perfect in ensuring the fair table play. Legs are as well easily adjustable that is good for ensuring that field is leveled correctly as well as for adjusting the game height as per the players. The table includes the classic manual scoring at an end of every table that adds to the authentic feel of the classic style of game.  The overall game gives good quality for the affordable price. Material design is decent durability and constructed out of the MDF wood, and the sides, legs as well as playing surface are also in the good shape for the value. Due to the mid-size and mid level of playing with MD sports foosball table, the table is very light in the weight that will cause this table to move as well as bump around during the intense play, thus it is very good to make sure that there’s enough room for this table. MD Sports is ideal for 8 to 11 year of old kids. This is the great and the affordable gift for family and gives fun addition to the rec room. The cheaper price also reflects the quality, so suppose you are looking for the professional foosball table then you are probably better off in spending more money on something long lasting.


  • SafeMD Sports 48
  • Durable
  • Made for kids
  • Leg levelers


  • End ball return
  • Made from plastic – for kids
  • Could be better quality

MD Sports Cayman Foosball Table

Most MD Sports foosball tables are made for kids, but this one is made for teens and adults because it is a standard size of a foosball table. Not only it is a standard size, it looks like a piece of furniture with shiny wooden color and silver details. Just by the looks, you can see that it isn’t made for professional players, but for a home environment. It is very sturdy with 4 heavy legs. Players are counterbalanced and you can control the game with good quality steel rods. To keeping score you can use manual bearing system behind each goal and under it, you will find a ball return.


  • Counterbalanced menCayman foosball table
  • Steel rods
  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy


  • End ball return
  • Not for advanced players