How VR Is Set To Change How We Play Foosball

VR foosball table

Table foosball is a brilliant game to play with family, friends and work colleagues. A simple game with which everyone can get involved, foosball has remained popular since it was first invented back in the 1920s.

This begs the question: will table foosball ever change? Will it remain as it is and continue to attract young players wanting to hone their foosball skills? Or, will new technologies alter our foosball experience?

The Hype Around‘Virtual Foosball’

Virtual reality (VR) is a fast-growing trend in gaming. The technology works by taking over your senses to transport you to an ‘alternate reality’. In other words, tricking your brain into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not.

With the release of VR headsets, such as the Occulus Rift and HTC Vive, start-up businesses are beginning to explore the potential of VR. From flying an aeroplane to skydiving, start-ups are developing software that will simulate all kinds of experiences.

But, will the influence of VR extend to foosball? Well, several new tech companies championing the opportunities VR offers foosball players seem to think so.

Coduar, a gaming company located in the UK and Poland, has announced plans to release ‘Foosball VR’: the first VR version of the game. The company hopes to use VR to overcome the challenge of finding a table, as well as a group of friends with which to play. Although its Foosball VR is still in its testing phase, Coduar are recruiting Foosball/VR fans to test the game before its release.

VR foosball

The Pros And Cons Of Foosball For VR

Traditional foosball players might shun the idea of Foosball VR. One of the best things about the game is its social element, which encourages friends to meet up and enjoy some playful competition over a pint. But, there are some valid reasons why the VR version of the game could prove a decent alternative.

What’s To Like About VR Foosball

– Instead of waiting until your mates are next free for a game, you can play the game or go up against other players online
– No more waiting for the foosball table to be free – you can log straight in and start playing
– You get to up your game by playing against a wider variety of skilled players
– You’ll be able to enter foosball tournaments from the comfort of your own home

What’s Not To Like About VR Foosball

– You miss out on face-to-face social interactions with fellow players
– We don’t know if VR technology is advanced enough to perfectly mimic a real-life foosball match
– You might have to adapt your foosball technique depending on the sensitivity of your VR handset
– When released, Foosball VR will only work on expensive consoles, such as the HTC Vive. So, people who play games on their mobile phones will miss out.

VR foosball table

VR has the potential to transform the way we play foosball. In particular, for those who frequently play the game, VR removes the need to constantly see which friends are available for a match. What’s more, as the technology develops further, its ability to accurately simulate an in-person match will improve.

That said, I hope it doesn’t replace the physical table game outright. Getting together with friends or colleagues to play foosball brings a sense of fun and companionship that VR never will. If all our favourite table games go digital, we’d lose our much-loved beer and foosball nights forever. Enjoy this article? Visit our friends over at Gadget Comparer for more on VR and gaming.