How Do You Spell Foosball Table?

When you are writing a word foosball one letter can make a huge change. A foosball is a game played on a foosball table, where you control the players by spinning rods. There are two teams and each player is mounted to a rod.  Foosball is playing on a foosball table, a table with special smooth surface and on opposite (shorter) sides of the table are goals. If one team wants to win, it should score a goal to the opposite side of the table.

How Do You Spell Foosball Table

A football, on the other hand also has two meanings. In Europe, it is a game where players (real people) kick the ball with their legs and try to score to the opposite team. I am pretty sure you all know what football is. Americans call European football soccer. The American football is something completely different. In the American football, a player must run across the whole field without being tackled by the opposite team’s player.

As you can see, one letter can mean something entirely different so when you are talking about table soccer, don’t forget to use the S and not the T in the word foosball.