Highland Games Foosball Table Review

Highland Games is not a famous brand of foosball tables and they don’t have many models. If you want to buy a Highland Games foosball table, you would have to go into a specific store like Dick’s because not many stores have those in stock. It is actually pretty hard to find this foosball table and I must admit I have only seen one in my life. I have played on Highland Games table, but that was a few years ago. I am not sure if this brand actually exists anymore, but since I have played on this table, I will make a review out of it.

Highland Games Foosball TableThe foosball table I am actually talking about looks pretty sturdy and durable, but I wouldn’t recommend it to professional foosball players. Since I am not sure that the table is still on the market, you would have to look for a used Highland Games foosball table. I have played on a table which was 1 year old and it was OK, but you could feel that the table is used. The table is in light grey finish what I like, but you can feel that it is not the best quality on touch.

The PVC laminate playfield was pretty smooth and I haven’t encountered any dead balls which is great.The entire table is in two colors so it is easy for the table to blend in any room. The players are divided into black and silver teams and they are counterbalanced, which is great. The players are controlled with hollow steel rods and the handles are plastic. It would have been better to have wooden handles because they aren’t that slippery.

I like the fact that it has side ball return, which is more convenient than the end ball return. When you look at the overall construction, it seems pretty OK. Square legs provide better stability than the round legs. It also has leg levelers, which is a pretty good feature.


  • Good design
  • PLC laminate playfield
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Hollow steel rods


  • Hard to find
  • Plastic handles
  • Quality