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Harvard foosball table is very famous foosball table and it isn’t one of the best foosball tables in the world. It is mostly made for rookies, made from good materials, but it comes with the low price which makes it the best buy option. So, today I will talk about Harvard foosball table models and I will make few short Harvard foosball table reviews so you can choose the one for you.

Whereas the higher quality of tables is actually made from metal, the Harvard foosball table is made mostly from MDF particle board, rather inexpensive material that is found in the cheap sporting products. There are a lot of option available in the market and you need to decide which one is more suitable for you.

The Harvard foosball table is actually the table for beginners and recreational players that are interested in buying the foosball table for the sole purpose of having fun, instead of serious competitive matches and where table’s characteristics highly influence the playability. Whereas this Harvard foosball table is cheaper than the majority of the market, there’s the logical reason why. This is a product which can be used after doing some research by reading some good Harvard foosball table reviews, which is not very difficult.

This table also is missing some important amenities, which can make playing the Harvard foosball table smooth as well as skillful like the high quality of rod bearings and grooved feet on players. Once you read Harvard foosball table reviews, you will come to know lots of important feature of this company and decide which Harvard table is the best.

For competitive play, a table has to be very heavy because it must withstand the constant force of bars sliding and crashing against the table. It may not be suitable for competitive players, but it is pretty good for rookies and in this Harvard foosball table reviews you will see why.

Midfielder table

The Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table is priced a little more than any other Harvard foosball table models. For the price, this is a cream of the crop. The table is made of heavy laminated wood and PVC laminated playing surface. The Chrome plated, and solid playing rods, with slick foosball bearings to get accurate delivery. The foosball table is made by the Harvard and is available for the good price. This is 4foot foosball table that is made for not only hard play and has the painted players, as well as ½ in of chrome, finished rod; the foosball table is made for the kids who would like to have a lot of fun and not need to consider on how they play. Rubber handles are good for gripping even though you have the sweaty palms. Thus, investing in the foosball table can be for the fun as quality isn’t for the durable use, make sure you read some neutral Harvard foosball table reviews. Good for about some years if it is used with care like stated by the avid foosball player that plays for the fun in the home.


  • Safe to useharvard foosball tables
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Features
  • Assembly

The Rematch

Harvard foosball table is very good for younger players that are playing for the first time and learning basic rules as well as strategies of playing foosball. The Harvard foosball table rate is not very high and at the price, the table isn’t suggested for the tournament action. The kids are ones that can get the most benefit from the Harvard foosball table. The table is made for the semblance of the sturdiness as well as is of the quality that can serve for a long time when utilized correctly. So, here are manufactured pros and cons for the Harvard foosball table.


  • Laminated field surface will last longharvard foosball table
  • Laminated wood cabinet in black
  • Robotic style players
  • ½ in Chrome plated steel rods, hollow
  • Precise ball returns on both sides of the field
  • Plastic handles on Harvard foosball table


  • Price
  • Lightweight

The Goal Getter

Even though the Harvard foosball table models in one of lower ends of manufacturers’ spectrum, the cost of the foosball table is very low and it is the table that can take all roughhousing that is done by the kids. The material is very sturdy and made from the laminated material that gives it the pleasing look. The table has the attractive wooden appearance that is the greatest feature. The foosball table isn’t one that you will learn much about the professional play; this is purely for the fun that is why the kids enjoy playing on the table. You can see the resemblance between those two Harvard foosball table models.


  • Green PVC Laminated Playing bedharvard foosball table models
  • Robot style players
  • Powder coated, hollow steel rods
  • For stability, large laminated aprons
  • Precise ball returns on both sides of the table
  • Sturdy Pentagonal adjustable legs
  • 82 lbs weight, excellent for smaller kids to handle
  • 2 Soccer style sanctioned balls


  • Price
  • Assembling

Black Deca Table

Harvard Black Deca also is one of lower end productions in Harvard, however, it has reasonable good features, which make this worth a buy. This model among all Harvard foosball table models has a few unexpected features like the counterbalanced foosball men, as well as leg levers that are adjustable. These great features make this simple to position the players without even having them to flip over without even prompting, and leg adjustable levelers also are very handy for leveling the foosball table in the pinch. The Harvard foosball table also is priced very well and is worth a buy.


  • Full black paneling which gives it a sleek lookharvard foosball table reviews
  • Weighs 106 pounds, which makes it heavy enough for rough play
  • Sturdy fiberboard adjustable legs
  • Octagonal foosball handles
  • 5/8 in hollow steel rods


  • Price


NXG Harvard foosball table is inspired by French design which you can see in its appearance. That style is shown in the legs which are diagonal and there aren’t many foosball tables on the market that look like this one. One thing I like with this foosball table is side ball return. It is easier to catch a ball sideways (since you stand there) than on the top. Players are also counterweight, which is a  big plus for this interesting foosball table made by Harvard.


  • OK priceNXG Harvard foosball table
  • Smooth roller rod bearing system
  • 3/8 inch hardboard
  • Comfortable foosball handles
  • 5/8 in hollow steel rods
  • Counterweighed players


  • Features