Foosball has become extremely popular in last few years, almost as it was back in the days. Today, foosball is not something people play in bars but they are buying foosball tables for their homes. With a busy lifestyle, it is easier to play foosball at home with your friends and family than it is to go out, look for an available foosball table and then play for a short time because there are other people who want to play it too. Due to that, I have made this blog, to help you choose the best foosball table for your and your family. But, before we go on reviewing tables, let’s talk more about foosball.

What Is a Foosball?

foosballIf you aren’t sure what foosball is, you may know it under a different name. Foosball is also called table football, table soccer, baby football but they all mean the same. A game played on the table with rods and players mounted to those rods. The only way you can move the players is with rods – left and right and spin. Foosball players are divided into 2 teams, the main goal of the game is to score the goal to the opposite team. It may sound easy, but it can be really tricky and that is the reason why it is so addictive game.

Foosball History – How It All Started

Harold Searles Thornton foosball plansActually, no one can say with 100% certainty that foosball was invented in this or that country. What I absolutely love about foosball is the fact that we can honestly say it was invented in 3 different countries simultaneously. Those countries are United Kingdom, France, and Spain and it all happened around 1923-1937 which is pretty short period. Men behind those great inventions were brilliant and they did that to help children in need or their family.  How did they come up with the idea of foosball read here.

Foosball Table Evolution

DMI Sports Manchester Foosball tableThe first idea of foosball table was actually made from a box of matches. The first table was a simple wooden table with steel rods and players on the field. There were no special additions that will improve your game. From simple wooden tables, we have upgraded to amazing games with counterbalanced players, side bumps, stress-resistant cabinets and high-performance steel rods so you can say that we have come pretty far with foosball table development. Since the variety of tables is pretty big today, it can be overwhelming to choose the table from all those models from all those brands. To avoid any wrong choices I suggest you take a look at the guide about foosball table and how to choose the best one.

Foosball Rules

Foosball rulesLike every other game on the planet, foosball has rules. Now, there is difference between the professional match and match against you and your family. Due to that, the rules are different too. Professional foosball has a set of rules which force you to use your skill and strategy to win the game and not force. One of the most famous rules in professional foosball is no spinning the rods. Hobby players often spin the rods 360° because it is easier to score but that move is illegal in the real tournament match. If you want to know more about foosball rules you can read it here.

Foosball Table Types

Yes, there are more than just an ordinary foosball table you can see in most bars and homes. Here I will show you what are the differences you have to keep in mind when you are looking for a foosball table for you:

The Size Of The Table

Tournament sized foosball table has dimensions decided by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Standard size foosball tables are pretty big and most kids can’t see the field or grab the 1st and the 4th rod on one side. Due to that, there are more kid friendly tables, which are smaller and made especially for children. There is one more size of a foosball table and that is called the tabletop. The tabletop is the smallest foosball table, which actually isn’t a table because it doesn’t have legs. The main advantage for tabletops is the fact that you can put them on the table or on the bed. When you are done playing you can always pick it up and put it in your closet or under your bed.

foosball table dimensions

Number Of Players On The Foosball Field

There is a difference in the number of players on the field. No, it is not a mistake, there are two goalie systems called the 1-man goalie system and 3-man goalie system. The 3-man goalie system has in total 26 players and the 1-man goalie system has in total 22 players on the field.

Foosball Players And Rods

Foosball Table LayoutRods are used to control the players and best quality rods are made from steel. There are two types of rods – the solid ones and the hollow ones. Every rod has to have a handle on the end so you can grab it and control the player. Handles, just like rods, can be made from different material and most common materials used are plastic and rubber. Players are the most important part of foosball table and they can also be different. We have robotic player’s design and realistic and we have counterbalanced players and ordinary players. To read more about rods, handles and players you can check this page.