Foosball Table Maintenance

foosball ball maintain

Foosball table should be considered an investment and not some random game you will stop playing in few weeks. A good quality foosball table will provide you a great foosball match even years after the purchase and to keep the table in top condition all the time, you have to have some foosball table maintenance rules. How to maintain your foosball table, how to clean it and what to use for cleaning? Those are the questions you should ask yourself when you decide to purchase a foosball table.

Foosball Table Maintenance

Foosball table maintenanceFoosball table maintenance should consist of regular cleaning of the table. If you are playing foosball table almost every day, I suggest you clean it at least once a week. Now, don’t be concerned, cleaning a foosball table is fast and simple. The first thing you should definitely do is to clean the table with a dry cloth. If the table is dirty or it has marks from the ball on the surface, use alcohol and wipe the entire -table with it. The best alcohol is 70-90% and don’t overuse it. A small amount is more than enough, it won’t damage the table but it will clean it.

How To Maintain Rods On Your Foosball Table?

maintain rods on foosball tableThe rods are one of the most important parts of the table when it comes to foosball table maintenance. When you notice that the rods don’t spin that easily or that they resist moving in the table then it is time for lubrication. The best solution for that is silicone and you can buy it in liquid and in the spray. I personally prefer liquid because it is easier to apply. When you apply the silicone to the rods, spin them few times slowly so the silicon can spread inside the table. Whatever you do, don’t use WD-40. Yes, WD-40 can lubricate everything, but it is too aggressive for the rods and everything inside. When you apply WD-40 you will notice the change to good, but that change is only for a short time. If you apply the WD-40 you can dry out the bumpers and bearing, which will reduce the life of the table.

Do You Need To Clean The Ball?

foosball ball maintainYes, it is a good idea to clean the balls as well because they are the ones which will make your playing surface dirty. The moment you notice that the balls aren’t the same color as they used to be it is time for cleaning. If they are really dirty you can put them in the clothes washer and clean it. Just make sure that you don’t wash it with clothes that can color them.

All equipment you need for foosball table maintenance you can find in sporting stores or you can order it on the internet. Keep in mind that the best equipment is the one which is produced especially for foosball table maintenance, not for something else. Keep your foosball table clean and you will have no problem playing it for numerous years because you can literally expand its lifespan with proper maintenance.