foosball table dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions

What to Think on when Measuring the Space For Foosball Table

Knowing how much of room size and square footage that you want in the bar, the basement or the game room is very important. Why? Because then you may plan the space to fit everything you want inside. Just like you’re trying to measure the foosball table, you have to think about the factor in sufficient space for the people to play this game. The last thing you would like to do is to buy the table without knowing the details. You need to know the right foosball table dimensions so it can fit in your space. Just imagine, you by a table and find out that you do not have enough of room to pull rods back without even hitting a wall. What a nightmare!

Average Table Dimensions

Most of the standard, the full foosball table dimensions are over 2 1/2feet wide by 5feet in length. The regulation sized table is 30inches wide, 56inches in the length, and 36inches tall. Remember, to make a little room for the people to play on a table, you have to account for and add over 3 1/2 – 4 feet on every side of a table width to get comfortable while playing the game. You need to measure the space for the right dimensions of 10feet wide by 5feet in the length to make sure that you’ve enough of room to fit the table. So, if you are not sure if the table is full regulation size then feel free look up the model for exact dimensions in the foosball table dimensions section, and type name of the table in a search box and hit on entering above.

Space Considerations

There’re some additional things that you might have to factor in such as if the table has side ball return and end ball return. The side ball returns actually are very nice as you may push table much closer to a wall. The people won’t need to retrieve ball just by reaching around back ends of a table. Have you ever thought of what brand of the table that you will purchase yet? Suppose not and then take a close look at the foosball table dimensions and ratings. The foosball table generally come in all shapes and sizes. It will range from larger Professional foosball table dimensions that are used on Warrior Pro Foosball down to smaller ones that are sold at the large department stores at the time of Christmas. And not to mention tiny toys for office.

Foosball Dimensions Differ By the Cabinet Size

Foosball table dimensions are very different starting with the size of walls of the cabinet. Larger professional style of foosball tables actually are twice very sturdy and make use of 2 3/4 size of boards throughout the foosball table dimensions cabinet. They have the enlarged side design that creates the better “ball control” while moving a ball between foosball men. It provides the cabinet with little more weight, strength as well as durability. Warrior Pro Table is been packaged in 3 boxes and will get shipped straight to the home, school, and office.

Major Difference In the Foosball Table Parts and Components

Besides foosball table dimensions in a cabinet size, the significant factor is generally found in quality as well as the design of a parts and components. It is where Warrior Pro Table separates men from boys. Here’re some differences between department store tables as well as Warrior Foosball Table;

Warrior foosball table’s men actually are counterbalanced as well as made from high quality of ABS plastic. Warrior foosball bumpers also have the small rubber nipples that soften the blow to the playfield-side walls. It prevents the jarring of the table during play. State of art Warrior foosball table bearing is at cutting edge of the foosball technology. The foosball table dimensions bearing design also allows for the complete assembled steel rod too fast install in a foosball table dimensions playfield within less than a minute. Wow! It allows them to pack foosball table at one box that takes up very less space in a store. Warrior foosball table handles also are made from high quality of plastic composite, which prevents the wear and tear with time. The foosball table handles match the red and black color of foosball men. They are textured for the better grip. Chrome finished of Warrior foosball table rods also are 14 mm(9/16″) in the diameter as well as made of the high-grade steel. The solid steel rods can feel like the gliding on ice while playing with Warrior bearings. Warrior yellow foosball table also is made of the solid polyurethane composite and they begin by placing foosball table dimensions balls in the centerless grinder to get perfect roundness. After that balls get tumbled for some hours to improve the texture and the grip. Warrior foosball table bearing also is durable on the outside as well as slick on the inside. The bearings play fast with Warrior steel rods.

Suppose, your table is only for the beginner player, and for children’s room, then you may consider the tabletop model. Generally, these are made from the cheaper materials, like the plastic, thus it will not be as devastating in case children scrape on it. The competitive activities are proven to be good for the development of the children, thus foosball table is the smart addition to the recreation room. The tabletop models are perfect for the kids as they are very light as well as portable, thus one may store them far away to make a room for many other games. The varieties also can get placed at lower tables, and be making them simple for the kids to reach. How big is the foosball table? Foosball table dimensions differ from a model to another but are generally around 4ft long and 2ft wide.

foosball table dimensions