Foosball Table And Players Layout

The foosball layout is something that can start a discussion very easily because it is not strictly determined. There are layouts used in tournaments, for hobby players or for kids and it is completely natural that a kid’s table doesn’t have the same layout as the professional one. Also, if you look at the European style and the American style, you can find differences on every corner. But, why is that important? Most players are used to play on one table football layout and when the layout changes, they have to make some adjustments to their game. Since that is a process, most of them stick to the same layout.

Foosball Player Layout

Foosball Player LayoutThe biggest difference in the foosball layouts is the foosball player layout. There are two configurations, one man goalie system and three men goalie system. Those two configurations are also known as the European style and the American style. The one man goalie is still in most European tables so we can call it the European style while most American tables today have 3 men goalie system. European style is based more on precision and skill so they use only one player on the last rod. American style is for more active players with the fast game and they use 3 players on the last rod. Another thing regarding to players which isn’t a part of the foosball player layout affect the game and that is the design of the player. The best players are the ones with square foot, which can be seen in the Tornado foosball tables. Players with square foot are better for ball control.

Foosball Table Layout

Foosball Table LayoutAnother difference in the foosball table layout is the playing surface. You should avoid any surface that has scratches on the field so the ball can glide through the field. There are 3 main materials that can be used in the foosball table, wood, plastic and tempered glass. The wooden surface will provide a slower game because it is not as smooth as plastic or tempered glass. If you want to play a fast game, use tempered glass. You can choose the playing surface by your game style. For example, the European foosball layout used slower surface because they rely more on the skill of the player, while American style is faster and they focus more on scoring the goal.