Foosball Table Accessories

Foosball Wraps And Tubes

Foosball table accessories are products you can put on your table or use with you table to improve the experience. Most of those accessories aren’t mandatory and they are mostly optional, but still, I would recommend them because they are here to help you maintain your table. From covers to special lubricants, every foosball accessory is good to have.

Foosball Wraps And Tubes

Foosball Wraps And TubesFoosball wraps and tubes are foosball accessories used by professional foosball players to improve the grip on foosball handles. They are used on almost every foosball tournament and each foosball players uses them. Since there are different types of wraps and tubes, you have to try them to see which one fits you best.

Special Lighting

Special FOOSBALL LightingThere are tables you can buy with built-in lighting, but most of them don’t have that feature. If you want to have this foosball table accessory above the table you can easily install it (on the wall or on the table). That way you will be sure that no shadow will ruin your concentration during the match.

Cup Holders

Cup HoldersCup holders aren’t usual part of a foosball table, but I find them extra useful, especially if you are playing with your friends. Friends will come with drinks and drinks have to be near during the match. So, install cup holders because aggressive play will knock the bottle off the table and that can ruin your entire table. It may not be a foosball accessory for you, but it can definitely save your table.

Foosball Table Covers

Foosball Table CoversFoosball table covers are important for keeping your table in top condition especially if you have an outdoor foosball table. Covers will protect the table from debris, rain, sun absolutely everything so I would definitely recommend having a foosball

Foosball Silicone

Foosball SiliconeSince I have already mentioned foosball table covers among foosball table accessories, it is only natural to mention foosball silicone as well. The foosball silicone is great for your table because you can use it to clean and lubricate your rods. Keeping your rods clean will make them last longer and perform better which is important for a good, intense foosball match.