Foosball Dining Table

Foosball dining table by Skitsch

Foosball dining table is another perfect way to incorporate foosball table in your home if you don’t have the room for it. Dining table and foosball table in one is a combination of traditional and modern way of life. It is not an ordinary dining table as it has rods, players and flaying field on the table surface. There are not much foosball dining tables on the market but if you are looking for one for your home, you are at the right place. Below in the article you can find two foosball tables turned into dining tables which can bring you style and elegance in your home.

Regular Table Football – Foosball Dining Table by Skitsch

Foosball dining table by SkitschThis foosball dining table is made from 3 different materials. The construction of the table is made with a combination of wood and metal and the top of the table is made from glass. The table is not the usual foosball table, it is not sturdy and it is not made for aggressive play. The players aren’t counterbalanced and the only way to pick the ball from the goal is to reach in the goal. The designer wanted to make an elegant dining table which can turn into a foosball table, with the accent on the dining table. The metal part is actually a frame which holds rods with the players and it is removable. On top of the metal frame comes tempered glass to protect the players and the field, but if you want, you can remove the frame with the players and replace the glass with wooden surface so you can have an ordinary dining table. I would recommend this foosball dining table for hobby players who aren’t that experienced with foosball because it is a good foosball table, but it is a better dining table.


  • The design is great
  • Dining foosball table
  • Tempered glass above the field
  • Removable glass


  • Not sturdy
  • Not for aggressive players

Kit Oval Dining Table – Foosball Dining Table by RS Barcelona

Kit Oval Dining TableNow, this is more serious foosball dining table than the first one I have showed you. It is still not the perfect foosball table but it is an awesome combination of dining table and foosball table. It is actually made in collaboration with chef Jose Andres and it is converted RS#2 foosball table. The table is made from steel which gives it special elegant style and shine. The table has leg levelers for straight surface and two panels between the legs for extra durability. The players aren’t robotic, but traditional and they look pretty unusual for foosball players. What makes this table great foosball table is the fact that it has tempered glass over the foosball field and rods so you won’t hit the handles with your stomach. The oval model is for 6 people, but there is also a rectangular model of foosball dining table which is made for 4 people. Also, there are two heights of the table, the standard dining table and the high dining table. As you can see, you can adjust it to your home in many ways and that is why the table is so great.


  • Foosball dining table
  • Sturdy
  • Tempered glass
  • Panels between legs for stabitliy
  • made for 4 or 6 people


  • Price