Best foosball balls

foosball ballsYou can’t play foosball without the most important part – foosballs balls. Like everything else we can connect to the foosball, foosball balls come in different sizes and made from different material. You can imagine that players who love to play 1-man goalie system don’t like balls which are too fast, just like they don’t like to play on the tempered glass because that foosball surface doesn’t suit their style. So, today we will talk about table soocer balls, which ones are great, which ones you should stay away from and which ones will suit your needs.

How many types of balls are there?

There are numerous types of foosball balls and most of them are made for special table surface and special style of play. But, there is one ball which is almost everywhere. Almost every foosball table comes with a foosball ball and most of the time those balls aren’t good. They are too light and made from poor materials which mean that they can break. Most of them are made from plastic and those balls are better to avoid because of those balls because they can’t improve your game in any way.

Traditional foosball balls

Traditional foosball ballsThose foosball balls are the ones that look like a real soccer ball – black and white. They actually aren’t made for some table or a special style, they are made like that for the looks. When you buy come cheaper foosball table which has green field and while markings there is a big chance you will get a soccer ball design. Those balls are mostly made of hard plastic and they have engraved black parts because of the soccer design. The bad thing about this balls is the fact that they can be really loud when they are on the field.

Smooth foosball balls

Smooth foosball ballsSmooth foosball balls are plain white balls, which aren’t the best pick in the world. They are better than the soccer-design balls but there are better balls for foosball table on the market. The smooth surface of the ball immediately indicates that those balls are hard to stop. It is complicated to hold the ball with your player and it is almost impossible to make any trick. It is an OK foosball ball, but we can find something better.

Cork foosball balls

Cork fosball ballsThe cork foosball balls are something completely different from the first two balls. Those are made for specific style and that style is called the European style. Players who play with that style love to develop strategies, tricks and they rely on their skill, rather than the fast pace of the match. Those balls are easy to stop, easy to control and if you want to improve your football tricks then I suggest you try to perform them with cork ball. Also, cork balls produce thud sound when they hit the surface so they are more desirable than the plastic balls.

Textured foosball balls

textured fosball ballsCorks are balls for European style and textured balls are for the American style of play. The American style is a fast-paced game which only wants to score. There are no particular strategies and everything is more focused on scoring the goal. Textured foosball balls are actually between cork balls and smooth balls, they are easy to stop and to control, but they are also pretty great for the fast-paced game. The textured foosball ball is actually one of the most popular types in the USA and used in tournaments.