Easton Foosball Table

Easton Foosball Table

Easton is one of the best producers when it comes to developing athletic equipment in many countries around the globe, not just the USA. It is located in Van Nuys, with about 31 facilities all over the world. Easton is very influential that will find their products in the professional sports like NFL and MLB.

easton logoEaston Company is soo good that it owns brands like Riddell, Bell, Blackburn, and Giro. Though Easton has an access to a lot of financial and the manufacturing resources, they also fall short while it comes to the foosball table quality. They are offering average quality foosball tables and they are satisfied with it, guess their main interest is somewhere else. Easton foosball table is the solid table for a price if you’re purchasing this to play foosball in your home with your friends. But, if you want to upgrade your game with cool tricks on your Easton foosball table and become the elite player, I must disappoint you because this brand can’t provide you that level of quality.

Easton 55″ Foosball Table

Easton foosball table actually is very solid and sturdy, this is made to withstand elements. Due to this, you may bring table outside, and place this on the deck, patio and in the backyard, as well as play with the friends when enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. You do not even need to worry in case you forget in bringing this inside. With the weather-resistant walls and aluminum frame, all along with the all-weather cover, the foosball table will stay in the good shape even while it is caught in the rain. The durable construction allows this to hold up very well even while you play with the force. So, this makes it the best choice if you ever want to buy the Easton foosball table for the active kids and the rowdy teens, and if you have the tendency to be carried away while playing the foosball with the friends.

Easton Foosball Table

Easton foosball table has counterbalanced men that give you control over the game, allowing you to focus on hitting a goal. This foosball table comes with 4 textured handles on each side that have the good grip on the playing surface, however, are solid enough that will roll at the high speeds. When you hit the goal, the ball immediately rolls on a side, returns and provides the added convenience as well as allows you to focus on the game. Keeping the track of score is not difficult as the table has the bead style of scoring unit at both the ends. Just push a bead to the side when you score to know who is winning, fast and very easily. The table has the oversize adjustable levelers that are highly useful, mainly if the floors are a little uneven. They give you stable and totally flat surface you can play on as well as ensure you and your friends will have the fair and just game.  Unluckily, Easton foosball table does not have perfect gameplay with some hitches. Some of the customers complain that this table has many dead spots, which causes the ball to get stuck. Some point out that goalie hits an end board at some shots, and making this very difficult for them block opponent’s ball.


  • Weatherproof
  • Counterbalanced men
  • All-weather cover for more protection


  • Could be better quality
  • Several blind spots on the field
  • Some parts aren’t durable