Custom Foosball Table

World Tour Foosball table

Having a custom foosball table is awesome because you can tailor the entire table by your desire. Just imagine, you want to get a foosball table for the office, but you want it to look like it is made especially for this occasion. That means, you want it to have your brand’s logo on the side of the cabinet. Well, today, that is not an impossible idea. Barron Games have thought about that and they made a custom non-coin foosball table which you can design the way you want it.

Kenti Pro Foosball Table

A Kenti Pro foosball table is a table which has its own blank slate version of a custom foosball table. That version has a completely white cabinet and like that, it looks boring. Your task is to choose the design of the cabinet so it can represent your brand and your personality the way you want it. You can choose anything you want which means that you are the main designer for this table. As a designer, you are focused on the appearance of the table, everything else is already determined, which is pretty good because Barron Games know how to make a good foosball table.

Custom Foosball TableA custom foosball table has sturdy 1-inch plywood cabinet with commercial-grade aluminum trim which provides impressive sturdiness and stability. The table has leg levelers, which are a feature every table should have. Leg levelers provide a straight playing surface no matter where you put your foosball table. The entire table is made of impressive quality materials and it will satisfy each and every employee you have, especially with the design. A table like that can withstand the most aggressive matches and it is made to last.

The playing surface is green, decorated with white screen printed graphics that resembles real soccer field. You can put your logo in the middle of the field which is also pretty cool and another plus for this custom foosball table. The smooth surface provides fast game and robotic players will control the ball better than traditional ones. The black and yellow players are controlled with high-quality steel rods and handle so it will be a pleasure to play on this table. Another great thing is the fact that you can choose to play with a 1-man goalie and a 3-man goal configuration.

World Tour Foosball Table

Since is it really interesting to have a custom foosball table, Barron Games made another foosball table ready for customization and that is the World Tour Foosball Table. The main difference between the World Tour Foosball table and the Kenti Pro foosball table is the fact that the World Tour is a coin-op foosball table, which makes it the perfect addition to bars and game rooms.

Custom Foosball TableThe quality and features are a lot like the Kenti Pro foosball table, but with some upgrades. The table has leg levelers for straight surface and it is made from good quality materials to provide a great experience. Above the playing surface is tempered glass to protect the players and the entire field which is a great thing. The entire table is actually pretty interesting. Besides tempered glass, the table has LED lights and scoreboard above each goal and it also has music integrated into the table.

Besides the coin mechanism, this custom foosball table provides 4 cup holders which make it a great table for bars. Cup holders are a great solution so the drinks are stored safely, without the possibility of spilling.