Classic Sport Foosball Table Review

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The foosball table is the best addition at any of the kid’s bedroom, the games room, office, man cave, and outdoor play area. I’ve created the best guide for buying the foosball table.  It is about what you actually need to consider when buying the best foosball table right now in the market.There is one table which is on every list of best foosball tables, which can help you to identify the type of the table for you and that is the Tornado Classic Sport foosball table.

tornado logoThe Tornado Classic Sport foosball table is one of the best foosball tables for almost every category. It is the best foosball recommendation no matter who do you ask. This is just perfect for the players no matter the age. Tornado Classic Sport is a classic in the foosball tables (as the name suggests) and it is a must have addition to any game room. If you are a rookie, a hobby player or a professional, you won’t regret buying this table.


Classic sport, just like other models, is made to last. This 1-1/2inch of the cabinet is very thick as any that I have seen at the foosball table. Higher the cost of the table, thicker will be the cabinet. It provides some extra stability as well as durability in Classic Sport foosball table. Thus, all of the Classic Sports are made in the USA by Tornado, whereas most of the other brands will manufacture in China. Generally, quality of the US made tables also is better.

Overall, the parts of the model are very high quality, from cabinet to rods, to playing surface. And nothing is very cheaply made and all signs also point to the model lasting for long you want this too. Warranty is for over 1year with Classic Sport foosball table. The edges which are made in the right way so that it does not hurt anyone, you do not know even you kids may play on this and may get hurt, so at all times only go in for a professional product only, even if means spending a little more.


Tornado Classic Table Surface

I’ve seen the tables that are priced close to $2,000 that do not have the counterbalanced players. Classic Sport foosball table does. Lots of Intermediate players also value this tremendously as it clears space for the shots, as men say horizontal. Also, it gives them little more control over rods. And weighing at 225lbs as well as being 1-1/2inch thick, the table is very solid as the rock. You may play as aggressive you want without getting concerned about the movement or the durability.

The Classic Sports has the thick playing surface (around 3/4″) that makes this table very sturdy. This has the commercial grade levelers that will allow for the height adjustment as well as leveling table suppose it is on the uneven floor. Having the table with the stability and even playing surface also creates the fair competition. Hollow steel rods also are smooth, light, as well as good as you can find on a market. They’re made to last as well as provide the faster play that is what the intermediate to the advanced players actually want. Natural wood handles also are made for the comfort and the style with Classic Sport foosball table. Ball returns are at the sides and making very convenient. I am not very sure why each table does not have that.


Black leather finish is modern. Light wood handles, yellow players, and green surface provide a few contrast. The table is perfect for the contemporary style of game rooms. Like the wood finishes, the black goes very well with about anything with Classic Sport foosball table.

Who Is It For?

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Classic Sport foosball table is well suited for the teenagers, intermediate, adults, as well as advanced players. Suppose you want the professional-quality table, then this is the thing you are looking for. This weighs well above 200 pounds, and is highly attractive, as well as has some amazing features that you would like to see from the table priced above $1,000. The table also combines the contemporary look with the heavy duty corner construction. Leather laminate is the match for any of the environment. Lots of high-performance parts from the classic commercial tables gives professional play quality at the Classic.

Suppose you do not mind to pay in excess of 4 figures for the home table then Classic table is the good option for the consideration. Solidly made, the counterbalanced players such as pro versions, it is as about close to the pro table since you will get. Due to the solid construction, the table is very heavy thus you do not have to worry about it shifting on with the overly aggressive play. This table is clad at the leather laminate, which adds to the air of quality.  Lots of purchasers have also commented on the quality of the play compared to the previous Classic Sport foosball table.


  • Counterbalanced players
  • Made in the USA
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Great quality wooden handles
  • Side ball return
  • 3/4 in thick laminate playing surface


  • Price