How VR Is Set To Change How We Play Foosball

VR foosball table

Table foosball is a brilliant game to play with family, friends and work colleagues. A simple game with which everyone can get involved, foosball has remained popular since it was first invented back in the 1920s. This begs the question: will table foosball ever change? Will it remain as it

Cool Foosball Tables

Coolest foosball tables you can’t find in sports stores or in a local bar, those are tables you have to order because they are pretty unique. Some of them are so cool you will have to have them at home! We will talk about Barbie tables, golden tables, transparent tables,

Is Foosball a Sport?

This is a question which will leave a question mark over your head because a foosball fits under that category which makes it hard to determine if it is a sport or not. When you look at the definition of the word sport which is: “An activity involving physical exertion

The Growth Of The Foosball Championship

Even since the early days, people are competing against each other to show who is the best fooser. There are tournaments that dated back in the 1940s in Europe, but the first official foosball championship is considered the “Quarter Million Dollar Tour” held in 1976, in Seattle, Washington. Today, the

Best Foosball Players In The World 2017

To be the best foosball player in the world is not an easy job. Today, when professional foosball players are getting better and better, the competition is fierce and the judges are strict. To become world’s best foosball player you have to compete with foosers from all over the world

Guinness World Record For The Longest Foosball Table

Foosball lovers from Italy decided to enter the Guinness world record book with the longest foosball table ever made. It all happened in 25th of September in 2015, when the town in northern Italy named Turin, made a really long foosball table worth remembering. The table, which is the longest

What Is Table Soccer Called?

What Is Table Soccer Called

Table soccer or also known as the foosball has a different name in every country. As the popularity of the game grew, people gave it their own name so it won’t be strange if you ask someone about table soccer and they have no idea what you are talking about. To keep

How Do You Spell Foosball Table?

When you are writing a word foosball one letter can make a huge change. A foosball is a game played on a foosball table, where you control the players by spinning rods. There are two teams and each player is mounted to a rod.  Foosball is playing on a foosball table, a table with

The Foosball Movie

There aren’t many movies or documentaries talking about foosball, but those few which exist are the must see for every foosball enthusiast. The number 1 on that list shout be this documentary: FOOS – Be The Greatest The History of American Foosball (Table Soccer ) This documentary made by Robert

iPad Foosball Table

In the world of technology, it would be a shame not to be able to play virtual foosball table on your iPad. People in New Potato Technologies are aware of that and they decided to make iPad foosball table so you can play foosball without a real foosball table. This stand is