How Big Is a Foosball Table?

Foosball table size can vary from one type to the other, but the most foosball tables are the standard size which is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long, or around 76 centimeters wide and 152 centimeters long. This is the size of the tournament foosball table and almost every

Official Full-Size Foosball Table

A foosball table can come in different sizes, but which one is the original foosball table dimension? An official full-size foosball table is determined by the regulations and it is also known as the standard size of a foosball table. Even though there is a regulation of the size, it

Official Foosball Tables

Roberto Sport

Not every foosball table is good enough to be the official foosball table, actually, most of them aren’t. When a table is official tournament foosball table, it means it is approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). For now, there are only 5 brands in the world which are

Best foosball balls

You can’t play foosball without the most important part – foosballs balls. Like everything else we can connect to the foosball, foosball balls come in different sizes and made from different material. You can imagine that players who love to play 1-man goalie system don’t like balls which are too


Foosball has become extremely popular in last few years, almost as it was back in the days. Today, foosball is not something people play in bars but they are buying foosball tables for their homes. With a busy lifestyle, it is easier to play foosball at home with your friends

What Does a Foosball Table Look Like?

There are many types of foosball tables which vary in size and shape, but there are features which make one table a foosball table. So, how would you determine which table can be (or is) a foosball table? How to describe what does a foosball table look like to someone

Professional Foosball Rules

If you want to become a pro at foosball, you have to know the professional foosball rules. No, professional foosball is not just spinning the rods; it is much more than that. FYI, spinning the rods is an illegal move in professional foosball. Some of the rules are simple and they force you to use your skills to score,

Basic Foosball Rules

Foosball is a great game which can help you relax and which can provide you hours of fun. If you have a game room in your home, then I am absolutely sure you have a foosball table as well. A foosball table is an awesome addition because you can invite friends over

Who Invented Foosball/Table Football?

Lucien Rosengart Who invented foosball

Football (and I mean the European football, also known as „the soccer“ in the USA) is the most popular collective sport in the world. That fact is a proof that if any sport should have an „I-can-play-it-at-home“ version, it should be football. It is kind of logical that the table