Stella baby-foot foosball tables

Stella is another French foosball brand which is on the market since 1928. The first foosball table they made was Stella Champion who was changed through the years. The people in Stella baby-foot are proud of their foosball tables and they like to describe them with two words: flexibility and

How VR Is Set To Change How We Play Foosball

VR foosball table

Table foosball is a brilliant game to play with family, friends and work colleagues. A simple game with which everyone can get involved, foosball has remained popular since it was first invented back in the 1920s. This begs the question: will table foosball ever change? Will it remain as it

How Big Is a Foosball Table?

Foosball table size can vary from one type to the other, but the most foosball tables are the standard size which is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long, or around 76 centimeters wide and 152 centimeters long. This is the size of the tournament foosball table and almost every

Official Full-Size Foosball Table

A foosball table can come in different sizes, but which one is the original foosball table dimension? An official full-size foosball table is determined by the regulations and it is also known as the standard size of a foosball table. Even though there is a regulation of the size, it

TSA Foosball Table

TSA foosball table is a good quality table, but it is not the best. I can’t say I know about TSA foosball tables and I am not familiar with the brand. I did some research about it but I couldn’t find any information about the brand, so let’s focus on the TSA

Foosball Dining Table

Foosball dining table by Skitsch

Foosball dining table is another perfect way to incorporate foosball table in your home if you don’t have the room for it. Dining table and foosball table in one is a combination of traditional and modern way of life. It is not an ordinary dining table as it has rods,

Kick Foosball Table

Kick is a strong name in foosball world which is not as famous as Tornado or Garladno, but it is a trustworthy foosball brand. Kick foosball tables is the real name of their company and just by looking at the name, you can see that their main focus is foosball

ESPN Foosball Table Reviews

ESPN is one of the most famous American networks so having an ESPN foosball table is not that surprising. The ESPN actually means Entertainment and Sports Programming Network and it was founded in 1979. It is a big part of American culture and it covers even bigger part of sports

Highland Games Foosball Table Review

Highland Games is not a famous brand of foosball tables and they don’t have many models. If you want to buy a Highland Games foosball table, you would have to go into a specific store like Dick’s because not many stores have those in stock. It is actually pretty hard

Well Universal Foosball Table Review

The Well Universal is a company which produces electronic games, external screens, and monitors and parts for game tables. They are not so well known in the foosball world because their main focus doesn’t have much in common with foosball. The only Well Universal foosball table on the market is the