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Best Foosball Table Brands

Some people want the best quality of best foosball table brands, and some are actually interested in getting the best value for the money, as well as others, are highly interested in the budget buys. Doesn’t matter which of the category that you fit in, I keep you covered. The serious players must look for the rods that are of steel and hollow. So, these are not just simple to move, however, they will reduce chances of spraining wrist and experiencing wrist injuries and misdiagnosed as sprains. It is very important you are comfortable in height of the table and look for one having the adjustable height. Suppose table is very low, then this will hurt your posture and will cause you the back pain. on the other hand, if you do not have much of space, however, you do want perks of the fully equipped room, think of the multi-game model. On every pole are the miniature players that are made of the plastic that will simulate the soccer game. The family members of the different ages love the exciting game that promotes bonding as well as friendly competition.

Budget Models

If you would like to save much of money you can, however still get the table that can function and will not fall apart just after playing this some hours. Here’re some best foosball tables that may be of any interest to you.

Best Value

Suppose you want the best quality but are not keen to break your bank, then probably you are looking for best value for the money. So, here are some that will fit your bill.

Best Quality


Suppose quality is a name of a game, then you cannot do much better than a line of the best foosball table brands from the Tornado. They’ve 4 models available; all of them actually are priced about $1,000. But, they’re worth each cent so look for top best foosball table brands.

Tornado Sport

Entry level’ model, priced at $1,000, Tornado Sport has the elegant 1inch of thick Mahogany Melamine cabinet as well as weighs only 200lbs., giving this best sturdiness. The table is perfect for the beginners and the intermediate players.

DMI Sports

In addition to the foosball tables, the DMI Sports makes a lot of indoor games, dart, billiard, table tennis as well as hockey tables. The new product lines also have adapted to fit the new generation of the clientele, whereas still holding their roots in arcade industry. With the genuine interest as well as loyalty to the customer base, and desire to excel in the field of expertise, the DMI Sports has established themselves as the worldwide leader in indoor & outdoor games.


Halex brand is around for more than 80+ years and is one of the band has the long standing name at gaming manufacturing industry. The Halex started in table tennis (and ping pong) industry as well as fast expanded in many other games like the electronic dartboards or other table games with electronic board games. They also specialize in making the tables that are found in the department stores.

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Kick Legend

The legend is the highly popular tables from the Kick and it is very simple to see why. This weighs over 148lbs making this very sturdy to handle fast and aggressive gameplay with best foosball table brands, and will get adjusted for one or three goalie setup, and comes with the counterbalanced men and includes the lifetime manufacturer warranty (all Kick tables). The front ball return also is set on every end of a table, however, suppose you prefer this on the side then you can check out other models, for instance, Kick Royalton.

Atomic Gladiator

Gladiator weighs over 170pounds, 20pounds more than Imperial Block Table, as well as costs just $20 more. What actually gives this bang for your buck is 3/4″ of the thick playfield that is what you can find just on the tables of $1,000.

Carrom Signature

Carrom brand makes the tables in the USA, and instantly providing a lot of value with best foosball table brands. What separate this Signature from many other models in the price range is counterbalanced men. Also, it is available in 3 different finishes as well as comes with 2 different sets of the men.

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Hathaway Primo

Primo is an only table that I have seen below $500, which has counterbalanced men. Also, it weighs over 30 pounds more than DMI FT250DS and costs just $30 more. The closest model with best foosball table brands, which has counterbalanced the men is of $200 more with foosball table brands.


Though they just make one table, the Wilson manufactures the product for each sport from the tennis to the football. You may hardly walk through the department store in the United States without getting across the multiple products that are made by Wilson company and one of it is foosball table.

EastPoint Newcastle

Also, the attractive table priced at same as Atomic Pro Force, Newcastle weighs a bit less and has smooth rods, and something generally reserved for expensive models with best foosball table brands.

Playcraft Sport

The cheapest table that is worth buying is Playcraft Sport. This costs below $160, however, weighs 63pounds that are more than higher rate Hathaway Playoff model with foosball table brands. This is a kind of the table that is well suited for the kids, however, is very solid for the price with best foosball table brands.

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