Best Foosball Players In The World 2017

itsfTo be the best foosball player in the world is not an easy job. Today, when professional foosball players are getting better and better, the competition is fierce and the judges are strict. To become world’s best foosball player you have to compete with foosers from all over the world who have the same thing in mind – to swipe down the competition.

Regarding the International Table Soccer Federation, there are 3 categories for the best foosball player:

  • Official
  • Speedball
  • Classic

In those 3 categories, there are other subcategories like singles, doubles, junior, senior, men, women and every professional foosball player can compete in each one. Each match counts and at the end of the season the player with the best score is the world’s best foosball player.

On the ITSF site, you can find the up to date rankings for all categories. Best foosball players for 2017 are:

  • Official: Sebastien Meckes
  • Speedball: Miroslav Vasic
  • Classic: Marek Vovcik