I find foosball tables the most entertaining things you can do. I absolutely love them and I must say, I grew up on them. Since I was a kid I have been playing on foosball tables, but none of them were mine. I used to go to the arcades or to my friend’s house to play it. When I was a teen, I used my first salary to buy myself a foosball table and boy was I wrong. I didn’t do the research, so I bought a table which wasn’t too heavy, too stable and I was frustrated. That was my hard learned lesson so I did my research before buying the second one.

I am writing this blog to help people choose the best foosball table for them so they don’t have to make my mistake. 😀 All you need is a little patience and think about what kind of foosball tables you want.  This is a game you can play for hours so it is an investment, but I think that it is a worthy investment. If you pick the right one, of course.

Anyway, don’t make the same mistake I did, do your research and buy the best foosball table you can for you! It really isn’t that hard and if you have questions, please, ask me and I will help you as much as I can. 😀

Foosball rocks!